6.4 C

To test access to MongoDB by programs written in the C language, was created a program that performs the same query used to test Ruby in item 6.2, that is, it displays the title and synopsis of documents whose title is Sébastien Auguste Sisson (only one).

The C program code is in the file consulta_sisson.c, and was compiled using the command:

gcc -o consulta_sisson consulta_sisson.c -pedantic \
    $(pkg-config --libs --cflags libmongoc-1.0) \

The result of the execution is shown below:

Título: Sébastien Auguste Sisson
Sumário: Sébastien Auguste Sisson, conhecido no também como Sebastião Augusto Sisson e S. A. Sisson, (1824 – 1893) foi um litógrafo, desenhista e biógrafo francês radicado no Brasil. Leia mais na Wikipédia. Livro

The featured image shows the source code in Geany.

6. Programming Languages