7. Graphical interface

MongoDB Compass Community is a free tool for developing with MongoDB and includes a subset of the features of Compass. It has versions for Windows, Ubuntu, Red Hat and OS X, all 64-bit. It allows you to:

  • View, add, and delete databases and collections
  • View and interact with documents with full CRUD functionality
  • Build and run ad hoc queries
  • View and optimize query performance with visual explain plans
  • Manage indexes: view stats, create, and delete

To allow access to MongoDB installed on Ubuntu from other machines, the /etc/mongod.conf file was edited and the parameter bindIp: was changed to bindIp: Then MongoDB was restarted using the command sudo service mongod restart. To check the status of the port, was used the command sudo netstat -ntlp | grep mongo, resulting in:

tcp        0      0 *               OUÇA       7203/mongod

The featured image shows the Compass Community interface.

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